Strong's Greek index 979:

Greek transliteration: vίos

from Strong's Greek Exhaustive concordance:

Related English words: biography, biology, symbiotic, antibiotic, etc.

In John 4:13 - 14 Jesus said,

“Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty forever. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

The essence of The ViOS Project cannot be found merely in the notes on a page, or in the music those notes represent, or even in the talented artists who bring that music to life. The essence of ViOS can only be found in the message it brings. What is music anyway, but a means to an end, a way to speak the deep truths that the heart and soul search for? And what do we all, deep within ourselves, search for? Something that is greater than ourselves; something that outshines our lives on earth; something that transcends even the mystery of art and of music, the story teller of this message ...

It is a message of life.

The very notion of life is simple and commonplace, surrounding us every moment of every day. But to put your finger on what life actually is ... that is another matter. You know life is precious when you hold an infant in your arms. You know life is beautiful when you see the first flower of spring bloom into a burst of color. And you know life is resilient when the pavement starts to crack and weeds soon take root, seemingly out of nowhere. It is angry, it is joyful; it is full of energy, full of breath. Life talks, it sings, it whispers and it yells. It moves and stands still, it observes and learns. It is the singular purpose of all creation, beginning and end. There is no simple way to explain it.

It is life.

But life, as we know it, is tainted.

If you know life on earth, then you also know suffering and torment, pride and malice. There is pain, not only from evil intent, but also from the simple cost of living. And the greatest injustice of all is the fact that all life must always come to an end. This is the way of life on earth. Here, it seems, some mistake must have been made. Isn't it such a waste, to laugh, to cry, to toil, to sleep, to hate, to love, only to have it all end? There must be more, something more complete and true. Life must live, and live completely; how can it not? We are driven by this search for the true life that must be out there. Whether we know it or not, we are all caught up in this pursuit for a life everlasting, a life satisfying. Especially when life is taken away does this addiction become real. It intoxicates us all; we become obsessed with finding it. Yet it is like chasing the wind, like running a race that can never be won ... like drinking water that never quench a thirst.

And so we carry on, living in life incomplete, a life unfulfilled. 'You only live once,' so they say. And what 'they' really mean is to give up on the quest for this mirage of a life beyond this life; a life lived in pure, unadulterated living. So is this our end, resolved to accept our plight with no hope of an answer?


Thank God there's a way. He has told us, "Yes, your life here on earth will fade away slowly and be full of both hardships and comforts, but pales in comparison to the life I can offer. I offer life everlasting, and not just life living forever and ever, but with your life here on earth I can bless you with glory, and hope, and a joy overflowing. Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Just as an artist gives meaning to his art, or an architect gives function to his designs, so I gave you life, and thus gave your purpose. I gave you life, and so gave you worth. I gave you life, and so I have loved you. I gave you life, and so gave up my life that you may truly live."

So there is hope. And so begins the story of life, a life that is perfect and true, a life that lasts from now to eternity. And that, at its core, is the message of The ViOS Project.